Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale / Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dale

is an Artist-in-Residence centre funded by Norwegian Ministry Of Culture. The A-I-R program encourages international contacts for artists and focuses on visual arts including design, architecture and locally rooted practice. Nordic Artists' Centre Dale is situated in the village of Dale, the administrative centre of the Fjaler municipality on the West Coast of Norway.

About NKD

NKD offers artists an opportunity to contemplate, concentrate and work. Presenting invited artists to inspiring living and working conditions, NKD strives to contribute to innovative artwork. The visiting artists from around the globe create an international spirit, and it is NKD’s objective to strengthen and further artistic cooperation in the Nordic area and internationally.

The Artist in Residence programme is central among the activities at NKD. The centre also arranges workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

The centre is open all year round for residencies, artists being selected based on applications with project proposals. NKD accepts applications during a short period in the beginning of each year. The call for applications is announced on this website under the section Apply.

The Buildings of Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale
The centre is originally designed to function as an artist residence. This means that NKD can offer flexible working conditions combined with convenient and inspiring living conditions.

The architects Haga & Grov from Stavanger, in collaboration with architects Hjeltnes and Egge, have designed the centre. The project of Haga & Grov won a competition in 1992. Their design has been published worldwide in several books and magazines on architecture and has won the Houen prize, one of the most important prizes for contemporary architecture in Norway.

There are five private residencies of various sizes for the selected artists. The houses have at least one bedroom, a bathroom, a combined kitchen and living room and are all fully equipped.

In the main building the five studios are found, each 50 square meters. The artist studios have a common design, making it possible to work with various techniques. They have white walls, wooden floor and a five metres height to the ceiling. The studios have wireless Internet access.

In addition, artists have access to the main workshop, set up for woodworking and equipped for welding. The building also contains a darkroom (for black and white prints, small/medium size negatives), a room for surface treatment and a printing press (for relief printing techniques such as woodcut, linocut etc.). All together the studio building area is about 670 square meters.

The site of the centre is also suited for outdoor work.


Karin S. Woldseth, chairwoman
Kalle Grude
Tijana Miskovic
Grete Kvinnesland


The centre is owned by a foundation. The foundation and the project is inspired by the vision of Oddleif Fagerheim and his wife Thora Nitter Fagerheim, who donated their house and land to the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1976.

Oddleif Fagerheim was a teacher and a politician for the Labour party. He was very active on the cultural field throughout his lifetime. During his 12 years in the Norwegian Parliament he focused on communicational, environmental and cultural issues. Fagerheim was passionate about the common history and culture of the Nordic countries. Oddleif Fagerheim's first idea was to establish a school for nordic youth on the property he donated to the Nordic Council of Ministers, but new ideas pushed the project in the direction of a contemporary art centre.

The Nordic Artists' Centre in Dale was officially opened in May 1998. The Municipality of Fjaler, the County of Sogn & Fjordane and the Norwegian Government funded the project of establishing NKD. NKD is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.


NKD is situated on a hillside overlooking the Dalsfjord and the village Dale i Sunnfjord in Fjaler municipality, Sogn og Fjordane County, on the West Coast of Norway.

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Dale i Sunnfjord is the commercial and administrative center in the municipality of Fjaler, 150 km north of Bergen and 50 km west of Førde.

The closest airport is Førde, approximately 40 minutes drive from Dale. Check Norwegian for flights to Oslo and Bergen and Widerøe for flights to Førde. It is possible to arrive by fast boat from Bergen or by bus to Førde.

Weather forecast for Dale in Fjaler (Sogn og Fjordane) at


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Professional visual artists, designers and architects are eligible to apply for a residency of two or three months duration in 2019. Curators are eligible to apply for a one month residence in 2019.

Applicants from outside the Nordic region are expected to master the English language. The program is not available for students. Neither is the programme available for artists or producers within theatre, dance, film, litterature or music.



The residency at the Nordic Artists’ Centre includes a monthly grant of NOK 10.000,- as well as covered travel expenses up to NOK 6000,-. Living and working spaces for free. The centre has five private residency houses of various size for the selected artists. Five identical 50 m² north-lit panorama window studios, with an additional common workshop furnished with a variation of equipment and heavy machinery for wood work. The artists’ lodgings is fully equipped, and provided with wireless internet access.



NKD is located just north of Sognefjorden, on the westcoast of Norway. It lies in a rather remote area, literally in the middle of nature. Dale is a typical small fjord community with a few shops and a small café. The nearest town, Førde is one hour away by bus. Bergen, the nearest city is three hours away by bus and boat.



What we offer, besides excellent accommodation and working conditions, is time and space. Too much time of an artists everyday life is consumed by administration, transportation, networking and planning etc. leaving not much time left for the art production itself.

At NKD you will have the best possibilities for concentration and contemplation around your art practice, with not much interference and temptations of any kind, except for hikes and strolls in the immediate and exquisite nature.

In residence you are supposed to take part in presentations and an open studio day. We do not run a regular exhibition program.



Download our application form at:
Please note that all fields must be filled in. Only applications using our form, and sent to will be considered. We do not accept applications sent by post.

You may apply with a single application, together as a group or as a third option: separately but with linked applications.

Apply by sending us an e-mail signed with your full name and attach the application form as a PDF-file. Also attach your portfolio as a PDF file, of MAX 3 MG containing up to ten single photos accompanied by titles (and/or a short description if needed to understand the material). No separate CV or other documents are required.

For applications containing sound and video files only: send by
You may send up to 3 files maximum 3 minutes each, within a total limit of 300 MG. Please include the full application with all attachments in the sending and name all files with your full name. We kindly ask you not to use file transfer services that requires passwords to access. We do not accept files by dropbox.
Leave us your full name together with list of file attachments in the transfer message box. You needent send us an additional e-mail, but be sure to give us your e-mail address in the message box of the file transfer service so that we can contact you if we need to ask you to resend your files due to expire date.

When applying you shall receive a confirmation e-mail within a few days. Please note that only selected artists are contacted after the selection prosess is over. The names of selected artists will be published at our website during summer/ early autumn.

Thank you.


Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dale
6963 Dale i Sunnfjord
Tlf. +47 577 36 200 | 201


Nordic Artists' Centre Dale
6963 Dale i Sunnfjord

Arild H. Eriksen

Lillian Samdal

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NKD Publications

The Scandinavian show/ Bristol Biennial 2012

NKD Yearbook 2011

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